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“Our Mission is to develop durable trade links, and attractinvestments that add value to the Uganda national economy”
The Mission objective is to develop a business understanding of the UAE and to manage the cross-cultural insights that support a problem solving team, which aspires to deliver an efficient service. This drives us to:
i)  Create an impact on the business process and flow between the two countries.
ii)  Develop a reliable business database that informs the public interested in trade and commerce.
iii)  Expand the knowledge and outlook of Uganda in the United Arab Emirates and change the image of doing business in Uganda.
iv)  Work closely with the various stakeholders to change the business culture.
v)  Widening/Extending the trade horizons by increasing tradable commodities to UAE.
How Shall We Achieve This?
i)  Team Work.
ii)  Use of compressed time frames.
iii)  Giving focus to the international market settings and trends.
iv)  Understanding the current policies and internal dynamics of business in Uganda and the United Arab Emirates.
v)  Ensuring flexibility in approach to business.
vi)  Develop a capability to manage complexity and diverse demands.