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Tourism in Uganda
Tourism in Uganda is based on its ecosystem namely, landscape, water bodies, flora, fauna and diverse culture. Tourism is among the largest foreign exchange earners in the country. Currently, due to political stability, security and economic revival, Uganda has regained its glory as a major tourist destination
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Popular safari parks include: Murchison Falls National Park; Queen Elizabeth National Park; Lake Mburo National Park; Kidepo National Park; and are favourably competing with similar tourist attractions in neighbouring countries.
Uganda's tourist attractions also include: tropical forests; snow caped mount Rwenzori and the River Nile.

The new key tourist attraction is Bwindi Impenetrable National Park which has more than 300 Mountain Gorillas, and is home to half of the world's population of Mountain Gorillas.
Water rafting on River Nile, beach tourist along the shores of Lake Victoria, Lake Kyoga, Lake Albert etc and fishing as a sport are too major attractions.

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Culture is a complex feature defining the character of a society through art, values, traditions and beliefs. Uganda is endowed with 56 indigenous communities each with a distinct cultural heritage built over the generations. Notably, Toro Kingdom, Bunyoro Kingdom, Buganda Kingdom and Busoga Kingdom others too, have a strong and rich history that has distinctly defined them throughout the years, which can be promoted as tourist attractions.

The Cultural Heritage of our Kingdom and communities has with time developed unique differences such as diversity of languages and behaviors, all of which are rich in prose and poetry and carry a lot of the oral history of our people. Music dance and drama are other products of this diversity. Our dances are all entertaining and educative with a reflection of our ways of life. The Art and Crafts, mats, baskets, batiks and drums and some of the world.

The people of Uganda have passed on their culture such as beliefs, traditions and values to generations, which are appreciated by most of the visitors that came to Uganda, for example the legendary hospitality of the Uganda people is an attribute passed on through the traditional and cultural values.

Despite being one of the smallest amongst the African countries, Uganda still offers some of the best known opportunities to experience the African culture.

Uganda is endowed with varied cultural sites, monuments and antiquities that define our heritage. The royal palaces, burial grounds for kings and ritual sites just to mention but a few are major attractions to visitors. All these and the pleasant climate, diverse eco-systems of varied bio-diversity and investment opportunities make this country truly "Gifted by Nature".

We invite you to explore more of these aspiring attractions during your next visit to Uganda.